Ready as I will ever be!

January seems like a lifetime ago when I decided to create a website and set up a business. I thought that I would set up the website and it would go live in days, but to be honest I think the logo and layout has changed more times than I would care to admit. Not that I am at all undecisive, but it just didn't look or feel right. I have always told people to go with their gut feeling, and I guess for once, I listened to my own advice.

This website with its e books and blogs has been a real labour of love, as it frames and showcases everything that I feel passionate about. I have never felt that I was an expert in anything, but over the Summer I have been doing some freelance work for an education provider, creating online resources for the uniformed public services courses. The title they gave me, and my fellow contributors was a ‘Subject Matter Expert (SME)’. I think this is the first time I have ever been referred to as an expert in anything and in all honesty, I feel a little embarrassed with this label, but I do feel that for the first time in my existence that post 16 education is something that might be my thing.

Age wise, I was very late to the 'academic party' so my approach is not always polished, but I think that is what enables me to engage with young people. My method and approach to teaching and coaching, so far, has been extremely successful as you will see from the testimonies on my page so for the month of August, I would like to share my e books with you for free and all I ask in return is some feedback (via email) that will help me to make any changes or improvements that are needed. If you love what you read and it helps in some little way then, then a review would be fantastic.

Here I am taking the plunge on my recent tandem parachute jump to raise money for Breast Cancer Now! I feel slightly more confident today launching my website than I did this particular day, but at least I have this picture to always remind me that adventure lies just beyond our comfort zone.

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